Post-Op Visit

A doctor conversing with a black female patient

I went for my post op check on Friday. I spent quite a bit of time talking with the doctor.

First, my pathology report was back. Remember the unidentified deposits? Well biopsy confirmed Endometriosis. Not sure why those looked different to all the other identified Endo and apparently all that he had ever seen in the many years of practice. Anyway, no surprises there, right?

The incisions are all healing well, save one hard tender lump next to the navel incision which I was just told to watch and see. It could be an infection; could be blood/ pus gathering beneath the surface; could be sutures beneath the surface; part of the body’s natural healing process or just as a result of the trauma from the laparascope. I did my own research and all that is correct………….if it starts to ooze or gets bigger then antibiotics, if not it will resolve on its own.

Doc suggested that I wait a few weeks to gauge the success of the surgery and the extent of my pain and then if its as it was before we try Zoladex. Now I’ve used GNRh agonists before and I can’t say that we are on friendly terms. These medicines basically shut down the ovaries and put you in a state or menopause…….with all of its wonderful gifts.

After the hysterectomy, my ovaries were in shock for a while. I had hot flashes and night sweats galore. I also had some of the vaginal dryness (dry doesn’t quite cover it. It was like walking with sandpaper between my legs) 😦

Doc says I will have “add back” estrogen as well. This is apparently to protect against osteoporosis and all the other issues that come from shutting down the ovaries. For me this is tricky because Endo is estrogen dependent so it will be a delicate dance.

The other thing is that we still need to treat the Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. This I have to discuss on my next visit as well. Since I have both things I need to work on them both or I will be getting nowhere.

The PCS is responsible for the physical heaviness, dull aching pains, challenges with standing and walking etc for a long time, increased fatigue as the day progresses and the lower back and leg pains. The Endometriosis is more the sharp and intense pains and cramps that are more cyclical. They both cause bloating, problems with bladder and bowel, painful intercourse/ after intercourse pain, nausea and vomiting, brain fog, depression and so many other things.

Truth is in the midst of the pain I don’t sit and separate one from the other. They both hurt and affect my day to day, period!

So they both need to be treated.

We will probably have to continue the PCS treatment from the venous angle using the medication to shrink the varicosities, which should in effect reduce the level of congestion.

Yes, so much more research to do and so many more battles to fight. We do what we must; this is my life…………no one better to fight for it but me right?