Lowdown on PCS


Okay I am not a doctor but I will explain this the best I know how. Let me say I never knew any of what I am about to say until the diagnosis.

So our veins have valves in them which to my understanding are like swinging doors that should only swing in one direction. So they let the blood flow towards the heart but not backwards. Those of us with PCS have what are known as incompetent valves….they swing both ways.When this happens blood flows backward and pools in the veins.

Imagine if you will a juice box straw being filled with liquid and stretched to the size of a straw one would use with a smoothie or protein shake. As in the photo above the veins get huge….well as far as veins go.

I am always amazed at how so many organs are packed into such tiny spaces. The pelvis is one such space. If you can picture then these swollen/ engorged/ stretched to capacity veins in that space I think you can begin to see the challenges. The space quickly becomes congested…..hence Pelvic CONGESTION Syndrome.

The general term for the damaged or not working valves is Venous Insufficiency. So Pelvic Congestion syndrome is also known as Pelvic Venous insufficiency.

I have been researching since I was diagnosed, but as much as I have found, it still seems to be a very misunderstood, misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed condition. This aspect of it can be quite frustrating especially in a small island like Barbados where most of the medical fraternity have no idea what you are talking about when you say PCS. Those who may know of it still lack understanding of the many challenges faced. Its only us who deal with it day in and day out who understand.

Why This? Why Now?

This is the post excerpt.


My name is Lyn, I am a 38 yrs old wife and mother of two children, boy and girl aged 10 and 8. I live in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados.

I was diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) two years ago after having it for many years I believe and being misdiagnosed.Since then I have found that PCS is somewhat an enigma……very little information available about it. Many persons (physicians included) have no idea what it is or how to treat.

I believe that as women share their experiences with this disease we can offer strength and support to each other as well as give valuable insight into how to cope.

So ladies, let’s talk! What is your PCS story? How were you diagnosed and by whom? How do you handle the day to day? These are just a few of many questions and discussions yet to come.