30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge- Day 6


If you could have told yourself something when you first remember these symptoms arising, what would you have said?

Thinking about this question the first thing that came to mind was “this is not normal”.

Growing up I was made to believe that women endured pain. It was just the norm. So when I started my period and was in pain I just said to myself “suck it up, this is how it is, all the women in the world do this”. I really told myself that. I convinced myself that I was the problem as opposed to there being a problem.

So if I could go back I would say from the get go, this is not normal.

The quote above really speaks to me ……crippling pelvic pain is unacceptable, yet we have made it normal to the point where girls are afraid to say they are in pain because it somehow means them inadequate.

Its time we said no………it doesn’t have to be like this.

I would’ve told myself to fight, don’t keep silent because this isn’t normal!


Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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