Give her the health info…



It think I have a sign on my face which says ” all health information, send it my way”.

I was facilitating a series of training for lay persons in a psychological area with some colleagues and after weeks of training and testing the sessions finally came to an end. It was time for graduation.

I arrived and sat through the ceremony- on my donut- and was happy that I was able to help out and see my hard work come to fruition.

Then it was time to thank us the facilitators, we went up and received our tokens of appreciation for doing the work pro-Bono and really being committed to the exercise. Honestly, I was exhausted but happy that I went.

I waited until I arrived home to open the gift bag and surprise it was a book. No problem books are good. However, it was a health book…….not just any health book mind you. It was a book on disease and how diet and exercise can help or reverse disease. It also speaks to ways to prevent self from ever being ill.

This is where my mind started wandering and wondering. Did the other four colleagues get books on health? Nope! I asked.

What is the reason they got all this “interesting stuff” and I got a book on health? Is it because I am ill?

I try to not make attributions ( attach meanings to the behaviour of others) but its not always easy.

What is it about people who look at my life and think that they know the answer? What makes them think that if I just try this or that …..things will be better….I will be healed? What makes people just need to comment on procedures and therapies etc….as though I have not been searching and working on these illnesses for the past how many ever years.

Part of me wants to think they are well meaning and I should not be offended but its hard….really difficult. It comes across like I don’t know and they do…..I just don’t know how to take it.

I try to see the best in them though……


Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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