Codiene :(



So I have been taking Codiene for the last two weeks or so since my IV meds at home experience. The prescription said 30 mg 3x a day. However, I usually only take the meds when absolutely needed.

The recommendation was the Codiene paired with the Tramadol but I didn’t do that after the first day because I need to do more from day to day than sleep or drag around doing nothing.

I was taking the Codiene, drinking loads of water- which is something I always do anyway- enough to make my bladder feel constantly full and necessitate frequent bathroom trips. I added prunes to my usual daily fruit regimen and yogurt as well for the probiotics. All I did I still felt my system slow to a crawl.

I went from frequent everyday bowel movements to sitting waiting for something ….anything to happen.

As part of the Pelvic Congestion Syndrome I am accustomed to bloating. From day to day I have no idea how big my tummy will become. This situation took the bloat to a whole new level. Not only was my tummy huge but it also became sore to the touch. I am accustomed to my pelvis being sore to touch when the pain is bad but not this.

So not only could I not touch my abdomen but I was seriously backed up. That was an issue in itself because my pelvis is already congested……there’s not much space there people… I was really in pain. Unbelievable pain!

Along with the swelling I had some gastro -intestinal issues as well. I found that I couldn’t eat as much as I was accustomed to. Mind you….that’s not much to begin with. I had to cut my already small meals into two or three and have them throughout the day. I felt nauseous most of the time and resorted to clear tea and soup on some days. It just felt like every possible thing that could happen was happening to me.

It came to the point where the very act of walking delivered excruciating pain. I was walking only when absolutely necessary. This last week I went into work 3 out of 5 days and of the 3 I hardly moved from my desk. My assistant and interns did everything that required more than sitting there. I wasn’t totally unproductive, there is much that can be done from that position, just I was nowhere near as productive as I could’ve been.

What made the situation even worse was the actual process of having a movement. Remember, my right ovary is stuck to the bowel? Well although I did not have the characteristic dry and hard movement, I found I had small portions at a time. Each time I could feel the adhesion stretching.

The stretching combined with the engorged veins, hormonal action of ovulation, bloating and tenderness……….it became too much. I wanted to weep but I couldn’t even do that ……….actually I forced myself not to because the thought of my body shaking was enough to terrify me.

I did both meds to deal with the pain for two days, when it waned I stopped the codiene cold turkey. I had had enough of that.

I know there are combination meds with the opioid and another med to counteract the constipation etc. but I don’t want them. I don’t want any medication. I feel like I have taken so much medication in the past 3 years that my liver is crying out for relief.

I would like to be without pain and only have to do the thyroid hormone replacement since I no longer have that gland.

At this stage that seems like a pipe dream. However, I am not giving up on it. I believe it is possible one day. Until then………I will continue to use pain meds only when necessary.


Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

3 thoughts on “Codiene :(”

    1. Thanks. Since I stopped the codiene I’m good. Ironically it wasn’t dry or hard just more slow and not moving.
      If I go on the meds again I will take your advice and talk to the doctor before.

      Thanks much.

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