Too young……now what?!



“You know all that will happen here is medication right?”

This was the new female doctor speaking to me this time. Sigh!!

On Tuesday I went back to the hospital for a follow up visit. Truth be told I was not in a good place to begin with. I was in pain…………not totally horrible but enough that I couldn’t ignore. Enough to require meds to help me through the day. However I hadn’t taken the full amount because I had to drive and it was safer not to.

After waiting about an hour I saw a female doctor who appeared too busy to deal with me but I guess in her mind she was doing an excellent job.

Sidebar……….lets go back for a moment.

So I have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and had/ have……….jury still out……Endometriosis. Both conditions for me are aggravated/ exaggerated/ negatively impacted by estrogen in my body.

For years I have avoided all foods, vitamins, medicines etc that contain estrogen or phytoestrogen in any preparation. The endometriosis feeds on estrogen, it grows, spreads etc with increased levels of estrogen.

The PCS also responds to the levels of estrogen in my body. When the levels rise or fall I am in trouble. Blood rushes into my pelvis and into the veins which stretch and engage the faulty valves and leads to the pooling which leads to the heaviness and increased pain.

So the worse times I have are cyclical……..either way. My ovaries if removed would take care of this. The endo would be starved and the major PCS issues would also be dealt with. Easier conceptualized than actually possible.

Back to the doctor………….

“Removing the ovaries is instant menopause……… are only 38……..that’s not an option. So you know all that will happen here is medication right?”

Research has shown that women who have their ovaries removed before 40 have greater risk or heart disease and osteoporosis. Many of them use hormone replacement which would not be an option for me…….estrogen…… but that doesn’t mean that is it does it?

How does telling me that I am too young help the situation? Reality is I am barely functioning. My life is impacted significantly by these issues on a daily basis. That can’t be the end of the story.

I left the hospital in a daze, still in pain………..feeling lost and dejected. I just wanted to get home………….get to my bed. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one fighting this battle and nobody is listening to me………….least of all the doctors. I just felt lost.


Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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