Psychologist…no…..It’s just me


He looked at my notes and said “oh you’re a psychologist, you should be good then, you won’t have any problems”. I responded to him “no it’s just Lyn today”.

This was the doctor speaking to me. I am not sure why he would think that my profession has anything to do with whether I have a pain issue or an illness. Maybe it was more about how I deal with it in his mind. I don’t know.

I have found in many other situations people have the perception that I am somehow psychologist all the time. Yes I am a psychologist and that colors the way I think and how I see situations. It influences my responses and how I approach people and issues but it does not define me.

My work does not make dealing with personal illness or issue any easier. It does not somehow reduce the pain I feel when something is awry in my family. It does not help me to cry less when I have a meltdown or keep a sunny disposition. The only thing I can see me doing differently than others is probably seeking help faster/ earlier. I am quick to therapy or to call a colleague and talk it out.

Otherwise I am just like everybody else.

Now if you were in my office with chronic illness or family issues or any challenges that may cause you seek a counsellor I could help you, sure! I could sit with you and work through it with you. In that space I am objective, I am the professional; just what you need me to be. When its me though all that objectivity goes right through the window. I am just Lyn.

You know what that’s ok. You see these moments when I can subjectively experience loss, pain , uncertainty and even all the issues I am now facing with PCS and everything else….it keeps me real. It gives me a level of empathy that otherwise I may not have or may take me longer to achieve. My life informs my work and my work informs my life but when I am not at work I am Lyn.

It would be great if people got this.

It’s just me today.


Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

2 thoughts on “Psychologist…no…..It’s just me”

  1. I try to remember that doctors and psychologists are people before they are their career choice. I’m thinking that is why you don’t see doctors out and about in public very often because people will come to them as patients, in a crowd, instead of a person. Your doctor should know this as well as anyone. ~Peace


    1. Thanks for the comment. Let me just clarify…..this was a new doctor..first time seeing me. My regular doctor would never say such a thing. In fact he reminds me all the time that it’s ok to not have it together and his office is a safe space. I don’t have to be the professional there. I can just be the patient. That’s why I am there anyway.
      As you said though, people do forget that we are regular people.

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