Tired of ‘Entitled”Doctors


I had my appointment with the OBGYN surgeon last Tuesday. His one chance to make a good first impression failed miserably.

He has the attitude that he is the doctor and I am the patient so I am to learn from him; there’s nothing that I can tell him. My granny raised me with manners so I didn’t walk out within the first five minutes of the visit.

When you have been chronically ill for a while, especially with something that is not well known you have to become a content expert. You have to do your research and know about the illness especially if you are going to be encountering “the entitled”.

I explained my history to him and got the impression he didn’t believe me. Like I would really make an appointment, find myself in a hospital, sit and wait, strip, have a pelvic exam by a man I’ve never met before………. just for the fun of it? I have nothing else to do with my life?

It was evident that he knew little, make that nothing about PCS. Endometriosis yes. PCS no. It was also evident he was not willing to accept that the disease even existed.

This is a problem on two counts…….there really is too little research done on this illness and many people just gravitate to what is familiar. This is in no way minimizing the suffering of Endometriosis or any other illness………its just all respiratory illnesses cannot be treated like the cold. Similar symptoms do not equal same illness.

It is an issue also because I am realizing a large number of OBGYNs don’t acknowledge PCS. Is it because it is mainly treated by Interventional Radiologists? I don’t know. but the little I have seen comes across sometimes as self-serving and not patient focused. I figure my doctor will be interested in helping me regardless of who ultimately performs the procedure or surgery; who gets the money; who gets the credit.

OK. he would be working on the cysts so his opinion on PCS in the whole scheme of things really shouldn’t matter but it rattled me to the core.

I left the hospital quite frustrated. I felt like I have been fighting a battle these past years and now instead of being around supportive, informed people I encountered an “idiot”. That’s harsh I admit. I don’t doubt his competence as an OBGYN……….he didn’t reach the position he holds through incompetence.

Long and short is I don’t like him. If someone is going to be my physician for any extended period of time we must at least get along.

I haven’t given up though, I will at least attend the next appointment. Maybe by then he will realize that he doesn’t know it all. I may be the patient and he the doctor but there is loads I can teach him.


Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

One thought on “Tired of ‘Entitled”Doctors”

  1. Learning takes patience, so be patient with him. Just as this blog has the potential to benefit many persons who are likewise impacted by PCS, your patience with him can better equip him to treat persons with the illness who may come before him. I’ll keep you both in prayer.


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