Something else is wrong????


The level of pain had not shifted from 8-10 for 2 straight weeks. I was going crazy…..I concluded something else had to be wrong.

After my “near death” experience as it is labeled in my mind, I was at home because I really could not work. I’ve been doing the minimum for a while now. I accept that I will win no awards for the cleanest or tidiest house EVER in my life. My reality some days is to just make sure we have all eaten something and had at least one shower. That’s how it is living in pain. All the unimportant stuff just drifts away.

The doc said he was concerned that something else was going on because at least the levels would drop between cycle and ovulation a bit. I would get a break (use that word loosely, but it won’t stay at 10). So we decided on an ultrasound- abdomen and pelvis.

I went off to have the scan done, thinking …something will show up…..and it did. So apparently I have hemorrhaging, blood filled, cysts in both ovaries. Along with these I have adhesions on the right ovary.

Let’s take a side bar and talk about this right ovary for a moment.

So I had the hysterectomy and because I am so young my ovaries were left intact. My body reacts as though everything is still there, hormonal cycles etc have not changed. I can clearly feel ovulation and cycle time. Together those are pain times.

The right ovary has always been more painful. While I do get some relief on the left side there is ALWAYS pain on the right and in the ovary. Always…..So at the worse of the worse the pain on the right is down the leg and spread across the back….more intense than anything on the left.

The previous ultrasound before the one I did a few weeks ago the right ovary was 13 cm across while the left was 5 cm across. It has always been a problem so I was not surprised.

So back to these cysts and adhesions.

Obviously, both ovaries were huge….as ovaries go…and I need to do something about them.

I don’t know if the internal scan aggravated things but the pain since the scan has been in my face. I am aware of it with every step I take. I have come to loathe stair and inclines; I can stand for 15 minutes tops and sitting and lying down hurt. I am back to propping with pillows at night just to find a comfortable position and sitting using both the donut and back rest.

So now I am staring surgery #8 in the face……….I am not happy about this but it has to be done. Things have to be unstuck and cysts removed. Actually, I would like them to ignore the fact that I am not yet 40 and just remove the ovaries. Its too many years of problems with them…..endometriosis, estrogen dominance, PCS…its time they go I believe. That’s just my lay person take on it.

This new challenge along with all the pelvic congestion stuff- I still get tired as the day progresses, tummy still expands in afternoon, still have the heaviness and weight etc etc- has made life over the past few weeks not great. I haven’t given up but I’ve definitely slowed even more.

I would like to do the holidays before I subject my family to the hospital run and recovery-

I am hopeful I will get my wish. However, even before the type of surgery is determined I have to rule out cancer they say…………..

I did the tests………now I wait on results.



Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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