“The All Clear is Given- The Storm is Over”



The all clear is given,the storm is over. You may now leave your homes. Businesses will open today at ….a.m. and public transportation will resume from …..a.m.

After the passing of a hurricane, storm, depression or unspecified weather system those words are the most anticipated. Life can return to normal now. Everyone is safe and the storm is forgotten. Life is bliss.

My question is when will I hear that? Rather when will I hear it and it be actually true?

I noticed early on in my teens that my pain levels were high and maybe something was wrong. I sought gynecological help and was initially given birth control pills (innocent as I was at that time I just knew them as cyclical hormones).

I took them, changing brand after brand until I found the one brand that my body and system did not reject. All Clear!!!!


After a while it made no difference and we started to search again for the cure to a yet undefined/ unnamed  problem.

Laparoscopy #1 “revealed” endometriosis which I later learnt couldn’t really be seen like that more the effects of it. So I had a diagnosis. Now it could be managed. I could live my life knowing I may have all these side effects but I would manage. All Clear!!!


The pain still increased. Laparoscopy #2 revealed one totally blocked and one partially blocked tube. Definitely endo right? So “you will not be able to have children and there’s nothing to do about this pain but have a hysterectomy”. So I knew what I had to do. I knew the path of my life. I could manage. All Clear!!!


I went on to have two beautiful children (those I would never have) and a few years after the second one had the hysterectomy. So after the recuperation I was finally out of pain, no more issues. All Clear!!!


6 months later. Pain unspeakable. so what now????

“There is no medical reason why you should have any more pain”. I listened but I heard “its all in you head you need a psychiatrist”. So what to do now? I don’t know. I keep doing what I am told and nothing is working. Maybe its all in my head. But I knew it wasn’t.

Pain meds for years and here comes along my present doctor who starts to search. While trying to manage the present pain. Trying and changing meds and combinations of meds. Then finally the diagnosis: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. Along with the diagnosis comes a treatment that’s revolutionary and done by an Interventional Radiologist. Could it be that easy. All Clear!!!


Two procedures later and the all clear has not been given. The pain is real!

The storm continues!



Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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