Storm Warning


People rush like crazy to the supermarket to stock up on canned foods, batteries, torches, water. Others jump in their cars and drive to the service station to fill their tanks with gas. A storm warning has been announced, people mobilize to do all the things they should’ve before hurricane season started, they rush to secure homes and life.Then we all sit and wait.

The rain begins to fall, the sky grows dark, there’s an eerie silence. The island is locked down and people wait in anticipation of the worst but hope for the best. Whatever comes, rain, thunder, lightning, flooding, fallen trees, damaged property, we will survive; we are prepared and we have support.

What do we do when the storm is not literal? What do we do when there is no warning? How do we prepare in that situation? What if there’s no support?

Illness is like that. A storm without warning, clear blue skies like in the picture above and then clouds just move in.  Even if we could prepare , no one knows what we are preparing for. Even if there’s support, we are all flying blind.

Just as with the literal storm, even if we prepare as best we could there’s no way of knowing what would happen. We can never know if the situation would turn out worse than we anticipated.

After, years of medical procedures, tests and medications; I thought I was prepared for the storm. After all I had been through some before. I had survived so whatever came I would just handle as before.

I’ve never been so wrong! Nothing could have prepared me for this life. Nothing I read, nothing the doctor said; prepared me for this reality.



Author: mypcslife

I am a Psychologist by profession, wife and mother. Living in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

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